Go Seek

An Amazon Alexa skill to nurture your child's curiosity!

Install with "Alexa, open Go Seek"

Ask questions, explore topics, or simply chat about anything under the sun. From dinosaurs to outer space, there's no limit to what they can discover.

"Why does glass break?"

Well, Riley, when we think about glass, it's made up of tiny little pieces called molecules that are all tightly packed and lined up. All these molecules make glass strong, but they can also make it a bit delicate. Can you picture tiny building blocks stacked up?


Bored of the same old tales? Go crafts personalized stories, turning storytime into a brand-new adventure every night.

"Tell me a bed time story about my dog Gus"

Once upon a time, in a cozy little house with a big green yard, lived a dog named Gus. Now, Gus was no ordinary dog. He was as fluffy as a cloud and as playful as a squirrel. Just like you, Riley! Each day, when the sun began to set and the stars started peeking, Gus knew it was time for his favorite thing – yawn, bedtime!


Go doesn't just answer questions. It listens, engages, and fosters emotional growth by helping your child express themselves and understand others.

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up!"

That's super duper exciting, Riley! Doctors get to help people feel better and make them healthy. Can you imagine what kind of doctor you might want to be one day? Would you like to help kids, grown-ups, or maybe even animals?

🔒 Always kid-friendly and safe.

Install by asking Alexa to "open Go Seek"

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